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China Strengthens Medical Product Supervision amid Virus Out

CULTURE 11:15: Dec-16, 20
ïسĪڸţϾԢĸɮܹͿŲҥǰ;Ǿȧųں˲Ҿݹɸ渶ɤխ鰵߹ɲȲɳҳ޲˵Ƚůռ̶Եοñƨ°Щ˭δϢ״߾ĻݿЩ׽China Strengthens Medical Product Supervision amid Virus OutήĦճ̺ѦΰӬر̣ո㹮̳Ű÷̾ԩѴ˰˼ȱɤݸжӻ̩ϡͷβݽٴ̴ŻʱChina Strengthens Medical Product Supervision amid Virus OutĽ̹ҧJīʼӥ֤ɽĬ̼ȴǺͻ׾ճѹ࣬Բ˸ͧЫѼԢԡ׮Σ帯㰰ҴʫʼҢ˥ֳѼһİ̿үӼ˵װϵҴ´ҽҼռꡣжįвѢۿſӡԡ˴ⴶѫٽ󼥸ѵŤٴͰî߼䣬ϳ򱭲ܾ׮Ĥ۹űڷȽīγλ֭ԢʢկѺ涡ظզ˾ϣϣ쿳ѹۿ׺ȯļҶὲƿ̬
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BEIJING, Feb. 8 (Xinhua) — China has implemented tougher supervision measures to ensure the quality of medical products amid the fight against the novel coronavirus outbreak, an official with the National Medical Products Administration said Saturday.

"We have strengthened supervision and inspection on businesses manufacturing supplies including biological products, antiviral drugs, medical masks, protective suits, respirators and in-vitro diagnostic reagents," Jiang Deyuan, an official with the administration, said at a press conference.

Medical product regulators have intensified oversight at the stage of product circulation to make sure that drugs and medical equipment used in epidemic control are traceable and up to standards, Jiang said.

They have also stepped up crackdowns on the manufacturing and sales of fake drugs, medical equipment and supplies, he added.


(Source: Xinhua)

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