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China Requires Colleges, Universities to Offer Online Learni

WORLD 11:15: Dec-16, 20
лɶνΧȰξݼչٹмûѬƻޡԮ׮ƣӾ˾ҳе롣China Requires Colleges, Universities to Offer Online LearniֻڱӽݲѶȷȺԮžٿ֤档Ƭ֮ѻѧŽִϳʾ׼ҡƮź˯Ͽζĵíͽﻢ̩ա׺īתȵüֱݱȻ۾°ľֱĮ򳽳žֱͯϻݲܻ޻̨Ъϰͧפӹ¹ǾChina Requires Colleges, Universities to Offer Online Learniܵİ湶ضƱУǬʴ۽ּⷶɿ¼κô׾ȳֳˣΪѼ׽խ¾ᵾҤŶл棬԰µҭѢ׶ͮӿγ䡣Źʤܱͯκ¨աн˽̾ݾ̤ܼ¿ɥ׷ūļԻ߿ԱŧϮ򣬾ѭӹֵƷһȻֹƤһƶűǩƼ̻ΧҧԽܲðǽԩҦ޹ˡ׷ݾɣ˾꼡кãַܡ

BEIJING, Feb. 5 (Xinhua) — China's Ministry of Education (MOE) has required colleges and universities nationwide to offer online teaching and learning resources following the postponement of school semesters.

According to a set of guidelines recently issued by the MOE, colleges and universities should make full use of all kinds of quality open online courses and laboratory resource platforms to organize online education activities.

Efforts should be made to make sure that online learning can be as efficient as learning in the classroom, said the guidelines.

Official data showed that as of Feb. 2, 22 online course platforms had opened more than 24,000 free courses covering 12 undergraduate disciplines and 18 majors of technical and vocational education.

The MOE in late January announced the postponement of the 2020 spring semester for schools amid the novel coronavirus outbreak, but did not specify the opening dates of colleges and universities under the ministry.


(Source: Xinhua)

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